Writing in Boxes for Scientific Journals E-Learning Module

Use this organizational technique to create a well-structured draft of your article.
Writing in Boxes for Scientific Journals E-Learning Module

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With grateful assistance from designer Adam Judge and the de Beaumont Foundation, the editors of JPHMP have developed a FREE online learning module, based on the CSTE Scientific Writing Toolkit, which enables authors to create an article from scratch by following user-friendly cues that walk them through the IMRAD process of scientific writing. This new tool is designed for epidemiologists, public health scientists, and other public health professionals seeking to become better writers of scientific literature.

Watch this tutorial and then try it yourself by clicking the module below.

Try it Now

To get started, click the Introduction section below. Then simply fill in information one writing “box” at a time in each of the four sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion. That’s it. At the end of the process, you’ll have written a rough draft of your article.


Image Credit: Pexels

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