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Paperpal Preflight

Trained on millions of editorial corrections, Paperpal Preflight is a revolutionary AI tool that assesses the pre-submission readiness of your academic manuscripts, be it a journal article, dissertation, or thesis. This robust AI-powered tool quickly scans your manuscript, conducting technical checks for compliance with key journal requirements and identifying potential language errors that could hamper your chance of journal acceptance.

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scite is an award-winning platform for discovering and evaluating scientific articles via Smart Citations. Smart Citations allow users to see how a publication has been cited by providing the context of the citation and a classification describing whether it provides supporting or contrasting evidence for the cited claim.

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Lippincott Author Services

Through our partnership with Editage, Lippincott offers a suite of professional language-editing and compositional services.

  • Language editing and post-submission support. Three levels of academic English editing services to help authors transform their first draft into a grammatically correct, finely polished publication-ready manuscript.
  • Translation with editing. Wolters Kluwer, in partnership with Editage, offers a thorough four-step process to help you submit well-translated and well-edited research articles
  • Publication Support Services. Plagiarism check, artwork preparation, journal selection, and rapid technical review help you manage the publication cycle with minimum hassles, as we apply our deep knowledge and expertise to ensure that all requirements have been addressed well.
  • Research Promotion Services. Increase the discoverability of your science using our range of services including stunning infographics, powerful videos, and brief summaries.

For more information on all the services provided, please visit https://wkauthorservices.editage.com/

Mind the Graph

Mind the Graph is an online platform to create visually appealing figures for scientific research. It offers the perfect interface for researchers and authors to create great infographics, graphical abstracts, presentations, and posters.

Science communication is not a discipline taught in most science-related courses, and very often, researchers lack design skills or access to professional software. Mind the Graph turns scientists into designers and unlocks their creativity with all visual resources needed for effective science communication.

Check out Mind the Graph at https://mindthegraph.com/

Lippincott Transfer Desk

One of the realities of scientific publishing is that quality manuscripts are sometimes rejected for publication. If this happens to you, the important next step is to get your paper to the right journal. Lippincott has a service that helps you resubmit with ease.

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