Scope statement

The Lippincott Author Community (LAC) is dedicated to informing and engaging authors in the scholarly publishing community. The LAC provides a platform for authors to look to for up-to-date information on what is happening in the scholarly publishing world as well as a safe space in which authors can network, discuss, and develop their skills.

About LAC

Lippincott Author Community is just that: a community of authors for authors.

The Channels offer information and a place to discuss things regarding every aspect of authorship, from preparing and writing your research to finding a journal, surviving the peer review process, and, finally, promoting your published articles.

Rooms are spaces dedicated to the discourse of authors surrounding ever changing areas of publishing: ethics, open access, metrics, and more. Private rooms include exclusive and protected engagement for early career researchers and women in research.

Invite your colleagues! Let others know how beneficial LAC is! The more authors engaging in the site, the deeper the engagement and discussions go.

Join in Discussions on a variety of topics or present one of your own to the Community. And celebrate your recent publications in the Publication Showcase! Authors in China and India have special rooms dedicated to content focusing on challenges specific to their locations.


Lippincott Author Community members are expected to be respectful and practice courtesy, civility, and decorum. Behavior such as trolling, insulting, threatening, or otherwise treating members inappropriately are not tolerated on any level and will result in immediate and complete removal from the Community.