Course: Learn How to Get the Most Out of the Lippincott Author Community

Welcome! We're so glad you joined the Lippincott Author Community! To help you get the most out of our community, we have created this course to take you through the different steps to get you fully onboarded. Take this brief course to learn more.

4 Modules

1. Completing your user profile

This module will walk you through how to create, edit, and complete your user profile and account profile.

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2. Uploading your post, video or document

This module will guide you through how to upload a post, video or document.

3. How to navigate the Lippincott Author Community

4. Review Community Guidelines

Please follow and adhere to our community guidelines.

What you'll learn

  • How to get fully onboarded as a member within our Lippincott Author Community.
  • How to publish a post, video or document

The Instructors

Community Staff

Contributor, Lippincott Author Community